The holidays are when everyone comes home to see their families. During the holiday season, it is a good time to assess the needs of elderly parents and see if any intervention is necessary. Knowing what to look for will help children to know if their elderly parents will likely need memory care help. 

Evaluating Elderly Parents Is Essential

The elderly are often stubborn and independent. They may not ask for help when they need it because of pride. Even though an elderly person may seem to be doing well, this does not mean they do not need assistance. Regular checks and assessments ensure elderly parents are receiving the care they need. When issues arise, children may want to talk to their parents about senior living options that can provide them with daily help. 

Red Flags That Should Not Be Ignored

When it comes to visiting elderly parents during the holidays, children need to take the opportunity to learn as much as possible about how their parents are living. Checking to ensure they have everything they need and are taking care of themselves will put a child’s mind at ease. The following offers information on some red flags that should not be ignored. If any of these are noticed, it may be time for children to consider memory care for their elderly parents. 

The Parents Seem Physically Frail

Frailty can happen as a person grows older. Most elderly people are going to start slowing down at some point. If a child notices their elderly parent seems much less mobile than normal, it is important to find out the reasons why. Difficulty traversing stairs or an unbalanced gait should be considered warning signs of problems. 

The State of the Home Is Worrisome

If a child notices their parents’ home is suddenly in poor shape or is dirty, it is time to step in. If there are simply minor issues, there is no real reason to worry. It would be nice for the child to step in and offer help. If there are major issues, it is important to get to the bottom of things and find out why so they can be addressed properly. 

Changes in Cognitive Function

Most everyone can be forgetful at some points, but if major memory issues become obvious, this is troublesome. If the elderly parent suddenly begins forgetting the names of family members, this can be a sign of the early onset of dementia

Changes in Behavior

Major changes in behavior should be carefully investigated. If an elderly parent is normally cheerful and suddenly gets overly angry or seems deeply depressed, this is a sign that should be concerning to children. 

What Should Children Do to Assist Their Elderly Parents?

If a child discovers their parent is in immediate danger, they need to act right away. If the parent is wandering away from home, forgetting they turned on the gas stove, or not taking their medications, the child needs to get their parent into a doctor for a cognitive function test. 

When a child is only noticing minor changes or issues, they should make note of these and continue to monitor their elderly parents. It is important children and loved ones make plans to check on their elderly loved ones frequently. Watch for developing patterns and problems to know when things are escalating and need attention. 

Children need to do everything possible to make sure their parents’ home is safe. Making modifications can help the elderly to remain at home for as long as possible before needing to move into an assisted living community

Is Outside Help Needed?

Children must realize their parents’ need for independence and attempt to honor it as much as possible. Knowing if outside intervention is necessary can sometimes be difficult. When in doubt, it may be helpful to seek medical care for the elderly. Having them evaluated by a physician will help children to know if they should consider getting their parents help for their daily living tasks, such as bathing, cooking, eating, and toileting. 

Learn About the Options

There are many options available for senior communities. If it becomes necessary for a child to seek assisted living for their elderly parents, finding the right community is important. In these communities, the elderly can receive the help they need on a daily basis, while remaining as independent as possible.  

Summerfield of Encinitas is a memory care community that helps seniors receive the integral daily care they need, including 24/7 monitoring and intervention. They focus on making sure their residents are healthy, happy, and safe at all times.