Quality of life is vital for all seniors and elderly individuals. Despite the medical conditions the individuals have, a longer and happier life is possible. Dementia is a devastating illness that makes the person forget vital details about their lives. Eventually, the disease makes the person forget their family and even who they are.  

Activities and services that address cognitive function and abilities help residents improve. The services cannot reverse dementia or stop the disease from progressing. However, with everyday services, residents retain more information and perform simple tasks on their own. Independence is important to the elderly, and the services keep them independent longer. 

Retaining More Daily Facts

Memory care services help seniors retain more daily facts and information. The services address the resident’s current cognitive dysfunction and improve short-term memory. Dementia causes a variety of problems for the person, including difficulty recollecting common words for everyday objects. Activities to improve cognitive function are helpful for all residents with dementia. 

Visual Cues to Remember Daily Tasks

Caregivers use visual cues to improve the resident’s memory. Images of everyday objects with the word are helpful in improving recollection. The staff sets up activities such as matching games, puzzles, and visual aids that show the resident different objects and words.

The residents continue these activities to avoid frustration and agitation. An memory care community helps residents with dementia and other forms of the disease such as Alzheimer’s disease. Caregivers place visual cues in the resident’s living space to help the individual work on everyday words and tasks. 

Lowering Instances of Depression

Depression is common for seniors who have dementia. The brain disease causes disorientation, confusion, and memory loss. Many seniors become depressed because the person cannot remember the name of everyday objects, friends, and family members. The disease progresses according to different stages, and new symptoms emerge with each stage. 

Seniors who live in a community are less likely to become isolated or become lonely and depressed. The residents have access to helpful services and opportunities to make new friends. 

Options for Learning New Skills

Pottery and art classes are helpful for improving cognitive function. The tasks have simple instructions that are easy for residents to remember. The instructors adjust the number of steps according to the person’s current abilities.

The activity coordinators review the current stage for each resident and adjust the steps for easier completion. Late-stage dementia requires only one or two-step tasks. The individuals remember how to do tasks that don’t have complex instructions. The activities keep the seniors active and more focused. 

Keeping the Residents Active

Active seniors stay more physically fit and healthier. The memory care services improve physical activities, too, and the residents stay busy. Their quality of life improves dramatically with daily exercise and physical activities. Many doctors recommend low-impact exercises to keep the residents in shape and prevent weight management issues. 

Improving Independent Living

Dementia residents participate in the services to live independently for as long as possible. Daily activities to improve cognitive function and recollection help the person stay in a private apartment longer. Caregivers help with activities of daily life if needed, but the residents receive services to remember the daily routine and simple tasks. Senior communities provide meal preparation and housekeeping for all residents. 

Exceptional Homes for Seniors

At Summerfield of Encinitas, we offer private living spaces for all residents and a wealth of amenities. Our community offers services to include transportation to doctor’s appointments, housekeeping, and meal preparation for all residents. Families are welcome to visit the community and get answers to all their questions. To learn more about the community, schedule a private tour now!

Dementia is a brain disease that causes memory loss and forgetfulness. Elderly individuals with dementia experience disorientation, frustration, and sudden mood changes. The disease progresses differently for each individual, and each stage presents new symptoms. Many seniors with dementia live independently for several years after the diagnosis. 

Senior living communities offer exceptional living spaces and apartments for dementia residents. The communities prevent the residents from wandering off alone and getting lost. The communities are secure and prevent outsiders from getting access to residents.

A wealth of cognitive assessments and activities help residents remember more details each day and improve their quality of life. Memory care services are helpful in completing simple tasks and living more independently. The focus of the tasks is to keep the resident living on their own for as long as possible. To learn more about the communities, set up a private tour now.